The Plan.

So this is the first post in my currently empty and stock-standard blog.  As time goes on I hope to share with my loyal readers (so basically my mum and a few others if I’m lucky) my adventures in Canada.

Tomorrow morning my lovely boyfriend and I shoot accross the globe, back in time, to that big slab of land covered in people and pancakes called North America.  This seemingly adventrous endeavour has not come easily though.  For about 3 years we have been toying with the idea of going on international exchange with uni and then deciding on a country, finding a university that accommodates are rather diversified degree choices (Creative Art/Communications for me and Maths/Physics for him).  We thought the work was over once that was decided, but then the fun really began! Trying to find somewhere to live on the other side of the world with a 14 hour time-lag is not as easy as one might think.

But, all that being said, the flight leaves tomorrow, we have somewhere to go and my bag is packed and zipped (to be unzipped again before I go I am sure).  As we adventure on our trip and then start living and studying in the great white north, I will be sure to keep you posted (with words and definitely pictures from my new snazzy camera – thanks dad!).

For now, I must be off to my last day in Australia for about 5 months… packing, documenting and getting a last minute international student card… and of course enjoying a bit of extra time with my family, bike and vegemite.

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