31 hour day

The 18th of August as been a very long and eventful day.  Some days you get up late, watch some tv, do a few things around the house and before you know it the day is gone.  But not the 18th of August!  I woke up at 5am, drove through ridiclous traffic to the airport and said emotional bis späters to the people I love.  We then got on a plane at 10.25am and flew 14 hours before arriving at 7.20am on the same day!  I didn’t know we took the delorean.  There is a lot you can do with an extra few hours, like watch the Buffy musical “Once more, with Feeling” embarrasingly in sync with your boyfriend or be surprisingly entralled, moved and entertained by a new disney movie (seriously, have other people seen Tangled?  It is awesome!).  Once the flight was over it was time to be fingerprinted by US homeland security and told I didn’t need the $160 tourist visa I had acquired (I told the guy behind the desk that I maintain it was an interesting experience to get a visa as I had never before been asked if I had commited genocide or procured child soldiers).

Our Supershuttle then took us, on the wrong side of the road (which is the right side) to Hermosa beach where our Surf City Hostel awaited us.  I have never datyed in a hostel before, and think I have been slightly spoiled in my accommodation in the past.  It’s not too flash – only 2 toilets and 1 shower for all and it’s all very… cosy.  But the location is amazing! Step right out to the main pedestrian/shopping area and not a 20 second walk to the beach!

Walking along Hermosa beach to Manhattan beach (home of beach volleyball), we saw lines of mansions that looked like they belonged in a Tim Burton movie.


As we walked past the ridiculously tanned bodies, eccentric houses and through hazy air, I couldn’t help but feel I was in front of a giant blue screen.  I just didn’t seem real that I could be in America.  Actually  I am still not quite sure it feels real…

I also realised the first thing I forgot to pack today.  Any open toe shoes/thongs.  Not good considering it is thoroughly summer here and will be in the northern hemisphere for a bit longer yet.  So I prowled around this classy little town shoeless and took the very enthused Mark shoe shopping. Many surf shops later though I managed to find some great Kustom brand black thongs (or flip-flops as they say here) that make my feet very happy.

The very long day got even better as we sat on the beach and discovered 2 pods of dolphins leaping playfully about.  I wonder if Californian dolphins have different accents to Australian ones?   Well anyway, this very long and eventful day ended with way too much Mexican food and a beautiful sunset over the water.  So very very tired… Mark has actually fallen asleep waiting for me to write this.  Looking forward to another great (hopefully slightly shorter) day tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “31 hour day”

  1. Oh my goodness, you write so beautifully. I will show my class how people SHOULD write. I am so glad that you are having a great day. It looks soooo awesome. And fancy us forgetting open toe shoes. I will have to see Tangled if you think it is good (Maybe on the plane over).

    1. Thanks mum 🙂 It is really nice here, and turns out our hostel is also over a bar where last night they played ska punk music (which I like) until 2am. We could hear it so well though that it was actually enjoyable. I slept for 12 hours! And yes, definitely watch Tangled.

  2. Great pictures – I want to live in that Gothic house! And as far as all the strange tanned looking people, I guess that’s LA for you, where even the waiters and waitresses are more beautiful than us ‘normal people’, waiting for their ‘big break’ into showbiz!

  3. hey chicken, its all sounds so exciting and i am giggling hysterically about the meese. i think you were smart to not pack shoes, takes up too much room, and you would have missed the opportunity to take marky shoe shopping 😉
    love you xx

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