Beach Cruiser

Woke up in sunny California today – 3 times.  After a night of lullabies from a ska punk band downstairs, I woke up and was sure I was ready to face the day several times before immediately falling into another very deep sleep.  After a slow start the day took off to be ver energetic, outdoorsy and exciting.  Mark and I managed to hire bikes from our hostel for just $10 each for the whole day.   After carrying my Beach Cruiser down a flight of stairs and we rode toward Santa Monica.  I had not realised this, but from our hostel to Santa Monica bBeach is about 15 miles (eacch way!)!  It was a lovely ride right along the beach and by interesting architecture…

We went all the way past Los Angeles airport plenty of Ped xings and Hang-glider xings (Americans seem to have a lot of xings, the are similar to the Australian crossing, but much more fun to say and peds that just walk everywhere!), over roads and bridges, past Venice beach and finally to the very colourful Santa Monica.  Mark took the opportunity to see how well he could climb, swing, and spin on the strangely professional gymnastic equipment.  He managed to climb all the way to the top of the rope.  Why no photo of me meandering up this dangling challenge you ask?  Well I gave it a go… and I definitely managed to get my feet off the ground… but I left it at that.

After Mark sampled some authentic American McDonald’s (looked very much the same as in Aus) we headed along the track home where the peds neglected to use the xings.  We went through the Venice beach markets where I managed to buy and eat a banana that was supposed to only be part of a display and get talked into buying 2 CDS from some guys being represented by triple J.  I managed to find a massive wall spray painted into a rendition of Starry Night… I was thoroughly impressed that it had no graffiti over it! Finally Mr. Gogh is getting the respect he deserves.

Well an awesome and tiring day needs to make for a concise blog as sleep is necessary.  All I will end on is that the weather here has been perfect (but I didn’t bring enough sunscreen), Mexican food in California is amazing and tipping is a tricky business.

To Toronto tomorrow!


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