Adventures on the East

Writing a blog is a tricky business.  When you have travels worth blogging about, you don’t have time to blog.  Mark and I have spent the last week travelling around eastern Canada, and my moose it was blog-worthy.  Now that the excitement has slowed down (but only a little) I can endeavour to tell you a little about it.  The big challenge is going to be keeping the length under that of a novel.

Well, I last left you in Quebec City after we had seen an amazing free circus performance.  The next day in Quebec City we went strolling into the oldest part of Quebec City.  It has the oldest church in Canada and lots of old buildings that date back to the 1600s.  Mark and I met up with some fellow Moose tour friends and decided to go get some crepes (Jeroen had put the idea into our head two days before and there were some serious crepe-cravings going on).  We found a highly recommended place with reasonable prices, but the line was so long and there were seven of us.  We decided to wait and were not disappointed.  The Quebec-Citians know how to make a crepe.

We then proceeded to explore the city with our French-language tourist map.   We searched the city for tourist attraction 2, which we never found and managed to stumble across 18 which was a really pretty garden.  I learnt the (surprisingly useful) dutch phrase “dat zijn moir blumen” and used it to direct attention to the amazingly beautiful flowers in the city.

With very tired legs we finally made it back to the hostel (not before finding and praising an elevator, eating some great ice-cream and Mark and I falling asleep on the wall around the city).  That night there was a bit of a dispute as to whether to see a movie projected onto the Mill, a romantic comedy in French, go bowling or see some live music.  The live music won out (after some surprising supporters for the rom com and many attempts at finding a bowling alley).  We saw two bands play in a little pub, the first was Handsome and Gretyl and the second was Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk and both were amazing.

The next day we packed up again and headed to Mont Tremblant.  Mont Tremblant is in the Laurentian Mountains (Eastern Canada’s much smaller answer to the Rockies thanks to a glacier in the ice age).  We went for a hike and then a swim in a beautiful (and huge) lake.  I never thought I would be running around Canada in my cozie!  The hike was so pretty I will let some photos do the talking (hover over for more info).

So basically Tremblant was awesome and we had to leave to soon (spoiler alert, we came back and I am sitting in the hostel/chalet now!).

Mark, Katherina and I were massively enthused and went for a canoe at 7am before we had to head off.

It was so beautiful and we even saw a spotted deer on the shore.

Back in the bus we drove toward Ottowa (the capital of Canada) and stopped via a wildlife safari.  I was lucky enough to be up the front and so got drooled on by some elk and deer.  It was pretty damn cool.  The animals were so amazing, and they really liked carrots.

I though a squirrel was exciting, but these animals are just amazing.

I thought I could tell you everything up to now but I can’t… so await eagerly tomorrow for more tales of exciting adventures in Canada because for now… I must sleep.


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