Return to Tremblant

Listen up (assuming you are reading to yourself in your head) if you want to hear a tale of bus rides, hiking, canoeing and chipmunks.  Oh yes, chipmunks.  Shall I just cut the chase and upload a photo of the chipmunk we saw?  I think I shall and it will entice you to keep reading to gather some context.Well, where to begin.  I am currently sitting in the VIP room at the Auberges de Jeunesse in Mont Tremblant.  The story of how we got here and what we did is quite the yarn.

Basically, Mark and I really love Tremblant.  It’s got nature, the people speak French and there are lots of little animals that we get excited about seeing.  We decided (on the last day of our tour) to head back to the Mont and so Mark booked the accommodation. We then realised that we couldn’t get there and I frantically looked and finally found a series of buses to get us there… but it was not cheap.  So for just transport and accommodation the 4 days away was costing quite a bit more than expected.  Nevertheless, we figured it would be worth it and we weren’t sure we could even get any other accommodation as it is some Canadian holiday that we didn’t know about and everything is booked!  So we woke up at 5am (after the crazy week-long tour and a wrap up party) and dragged our suitcases the 20 walk to the bus station.  Once Finally on the bus and off at 6.30 we eventually arrived at Montreal at 12.45pm (it was actually not too bad as I was so tired) I slept most of the way.

We managed to get the very front seats on the doubledecker bus so had a good view of the Canadian roads

At the bus terminal we noticed that all Greyhound buses to the USA were cancelled because of the cyclone… pretty scary, and I felt relieved that we had chosen to go north instead of south.  We managed to pay even more money and then get on the 1pm bus to Mont Tremblant.  We heard it would be about 1.5 hours but that not-so-quickly turned into 3.5.  For someone who gets carsick I am doing an awful lot of travelling by bus… I have actually managed to subdue the nausea with these ginger tablets I from a service station, best $10 I have spent yet!

So at our hostel we checked into our VIP room (the only one that was available and comes with a free drink each night :S) and then went for a canoe on that beautiful lake again.

The next day in Tremblant was a bit of catching up on sleep before wandering into the main town of Saint-Jovite to check things out.  It was a pretty snazzy town with dome interesting features…We stopped for ice-cream yet again… lucky I am walking everywhere!  I ordered it my very limited French but managed to get my praline ice-cream covered in butter pecan sauce with a cherry on top! Not to bad 🙂  I also am having way too much fun with the “cuisine” setting on my camera.

We headed back towards the hostel and decided to just go for a walk.  On the way to wherever we were going we found a fluffy little bumble-bee, on of course, more beautiful flowers and stumbled across a hiking track (which may have been a long and elaborate drive-way) where we jumped in the lake.

found a great spot just to jump in the massive lake... and it was lovely. A little worried about snapping turtles though

It occurs to me that I have not yet given you the context for the chipmunk and the wonderful stories that go with it… so stay tuned for the next blog which involves burning legs, panoramic views and forest-dwelling cuties.


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