Toronto -> Hamilton

we managed to be the first to stay in this room… so nice!

In Toronto we stayed at the Canadiana Hostel (for the 3rd time) and were given a brand new private room.  It was converted from a staff room and was so clean in big! loved it.  Anyway, for our last day in Toronto before heading to Hamilton Mark and I went to see the New York Expressionism exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  It. Was. Awesome.

I knew I liked New York Expressionism, but far out it was amazing.  We walked in are were greeted by artworks I had stared at for hours on the internet when trying to come to terms with abstract painting.  If only I could have seen one in the flesh back then my struggle might have been easier… or at least more inspiring.  The scale of the works was amazing.  In reproductions there is a little note stating the size, but it means nothing.  When you are standing in front of a wall of colour it is a very different experience to squinting at a bit of ink on a page or pixels on a screen.  The exhibition was definitely a visual experience for me so I will let it be like that for you too… Take a look (if you want to see them bigger just click on them)

basking in the light of a Helen Frankenthaler
Mark in a room full of Pollocks
The scale of this Rothko was something else… definitely my favourite of the exhibition
There it really was… Newman’s line. pretty cool.
definitely enjoyed myself
Very cool entry/exit to the AGO

So the gallery was basically awesome.  I really loved it and am so glad I got to go (the exhibition ended 2 days after we went so were so lucky to make it!).  We then enjoyed some really good sushi (see way healthy mum!) and caught a taxi to the bus terminal.  We got on a GO bus to finally see our home for the next 4 months in Hamilton.

The bus ride was good, just under an hour but it felt quick compared to the last bus we were on!  The ride was so unexpectedly short that we actually missed our stop and had to lug our 6 bags all along main street, probably just a few kms but it felt so much more. But we finally found our house.  The landlord had just bought the house and only got access the same day as us so there were a few broke things (such as the light and shower) and the house was really really dusty.  But we have been cleaning and the landlord has fixed the shower (not the light yet but we have a lamp).  Our room is painting dark purple from top to bottom so is quite a bit darker than it needs to be… but outside our window yesterday I did see 2 squirrels, which is pretty darn entertaining.  After cleaning a little we went and explored the university.  It is lovely.

University Hall at McMaster University

Did I mention that it is hot here?  It was 30 degrees celsius with some ridiculous humidity.  I did not bring enough Summer clothes!  Our house is really well located, it’s only about a 2 minute walk to uni and a 10 minute walk into this gorgeous little town called Westdale.  The trees are lovely, squirrels everywhere and it is super vegetarian friendly (yay university town!).  The houses are so cute as well, they even have little red fire hydrants.  I want to walk a dog around here… would be so much fun.

cartoon style fire hydrant!

So yeah, the adventure around Canada has turned a corner from travelling around to living in a foreign country.  The Australian accent makes it hard to communicate with some people… for example I asked a shop assistant where the butter was and they didn’t understand me.  I said, “you know, “budda”, like you put on toast” and he said “Oh! B-U-TT-ERRR!”

But I mean really, who pronounces the “r”?

Yesterday was a trip into Wal-Mart with a whole bunch of exchange students.  We met lots of nice people… the majority seem to be Australia, English and French, but there are some other countries represented too including Spain and Lithuania.

So today is Labour Day, which apparently is a holiday where no one really celebrates anything and nothing is open so it will be filled with a but more cleaning.  This afternoon we have another exchange student event and are doing something called Alpine Tower, which I think is some sort of high ropes course.  Should be awesome and I will let you know.


5 thoughts on “Toronto -> Hamilton”

  1. What a beautiful university! It looks and feels very English, elegant, olde-worldly and even somewhat posh! And what’s with the dark purple from top-to-bottom room? Odd colour choice for sure. The NY Impressionist exhibition looks amazing. You and Mark have had such an exciting travelling adventure and there is still more to follow!

    1. Oooh, I would love to see an Impressionism one too. Maybe I will be lucky enough to find one while I am on my travels. The Uni is very cool here. I can get over how enthusiastic all the students are, it’s like we’re in a college movie… lol very fun. The buildings are really cool, I was in this amazing classroom with blackboards and big fancy windows but then we ot moved to a basement room. Not quite as nice, but it still has blackboards!

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