Hello! I want to tell you about a little festival called Supercrawl.  It is quite awesome.  In Hamilton, a whole section of James Street goes carless and market stalls come out, art galleries have their openings and creativity hits the streets.  Last night Mark and I attended said crawl, and much fun was had.  We met up with some of our friends for the MIX group and hit the street.  A lot of the shops stay open late and hang art on their walls.  The shops are really (you guessed it) arty with heaps of handmade and vintage items.  I need to go visit them again and spend some time finding bargains!  We spent a good few hours wondering around, and it looked a little something like this:

The first shop come gallery we visited on supercrawl had some pretty cool music
One of the many cool shops selling things such as melted records made in to snack bowls and beer soap
we were allowed to draw on white cars, so I thought I would leave a little mark
saw a performance piece in action as a man moved cinder blocks around his makeshift clock over a 12 hour period.
Some artists were painting a very large re-creation of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.
One example of super cool handmade things was the hand painted Miss Pac-Man shoes.
Last session at uni I attempted to work with tree roots… this epic piece makes mine seem a little trivial
we listened to/watched the strange experience that was a laptop orchestra
I loved this artwork in one of the exhibitions.
This work was called The Ecstasy of St Theresa, it made me laugh.
“Grrr” said the big art bear to the curious little kid.
This is a shot of our friends making a flip book by dancing stupidly in front of a camera for 5 seconds. Mark and I did one too. It was great.
I feel it fitting to make this sleepy photo the last blog photo…

After a few hours of James street, a group of us went to this little cafe/bar that was having its grand opening.  It’s called Homegrown Hamilton and serves food made with local produce and showcases local artists and musicians.  They had free (amazing) bruschetta, a great band playing and reasonably priced hot chocolate.  It was a really cool place and we are going back there for breakfast this week!

Apparently there is an art crawl on every month and another street festival sometime next week, so this is not the last chapter of this story…


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