Free Desk, Five Chipmunks

Today started in a usual way.  Finally a bit of a sleep in after a busy week and an attempt at cleaning up.  I used the last of a bag of milk on my cereal (it was sadly flat and empty) and then Mark and I went for a walk.  I mentioned Cootes Paradise the other day.  It’s a nice protected area with lots of hiking trails (not bushwalking over here).  Anyway Mark and I headed of to Paradise, and when we were nearly there we saw a desk.  Mark and I really needed a desk because well… we have a lot of uni work and only a flimsy, small table to share in our room. Now, I know that in Australia if someone leaves furniture out the front of their house they often mean for someone to take it (hence the existence of our woodshed, my cupboard in my studio and our old computer chair).  I wasn’t sure what the deal was in Canada, but as we got closer a big sign that said “Free” confirmed my hopes.  Mark and I looked at each other with an expression of excitement but also questioning… can we really carry this home?  My answer was yes.  I don’t want to exaggerate here, so I have used google maps and the desk was 1km from our house.  Usually it is a good thing when your desk is solid timber and has solid sides… but not when you have to carry it a kilometre.  We definitely got some interesting looks as people turned off their wippersnippers to gawk at us.  It was totally worth it though because this:

The sign said exactly what we were hoping for.

Turned into this:

It fit perfectly into our desk spot!

We now have an awesome desk that doesn’t wobble when Mark writes out his maths enthusiastically (like he is now).  We carried the desk, cleaned up the room and then finally headed back to Cootes Paradise without any deviating plot lines.

It’s not a bad little area to have 1km from your house.
Some leaves here are starting to realise it is Fall.

It’s a really pretty area with lots of trails for walking. I think the trees it is filled with are maple so when they all turn it will be beautiful.  When we were in Mont Tremblant the trees were already turning, but they are only just starting here.  I would like to invite you all on a little game, one I played early today.  It is called spot the animal.  See if you can:

Spot the woodpecker.

We were walking along the path and I heard a pecking/drumming sounds.  I have had my ears out for woodpeckers since we got to Canada so I was pretty excited and hopeful at the sound.  I stopped and followed the sound until I found a little woodpecker.  He kind of looked like a mini-Kookaburra, only about 10cm tall, and just kept hammering away at the tree.  We waked closer and closer to check out what he was mining for.  When he left we saw a little hole in the tree.

Can you find the chipmunk?
Spot the chipmunk.
There he is!

I have come up with a new rating system for things.  Instead of saying it is 5 star or 2 thumbs up… things from now on should be measured for goodness in chipmunks.  Today I saw five chipmunks… FIVE! It was a very good day.  I know I may seem a little obsessed with chipmunks, but they are so cool.  They are timid but curious and when they run the throw in little leaps every now and again.  The scurry over logs and stop to look up to see if you are still there before nibbling away at nuts and berries.  I am not ashamed.  I think chipmunks are adorable.  I’m pretty keen on squirrels too.

“Maybe if I impersonate this pole, that girl will stop taking photos.”
Squirrels run in a wave shape. I caught this guy on the downward slope.

On the way home from Cootes we were greeted by a cat named Charlie (as a neighbour informed us).  We were just walking down the street and he came out and rubbed himself on my leg – very forward behaviour but I was ok with it.

Charlie was a friendly cat.

He they rolled around on the ground and seemed to demand a belly scratch.  He was definitely the friendliest and most socially confident cat I have ever met.

and just a little bit strange…

To end the day I made myself a ridiculously healthy and delicious no-pasta lasagna.  It was at least 5 chipmunks.


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