It’s raining watercolours and karate

Last time I asked if you could find the animals in my photos.  Well, after a conversation with my mum I realised that maybe you couldn’t… so here are some close-ups.  Remember to click on the images if you want them bigger.

Here is the little woodpecker who just kept knocking on the tree.
He he so very little, but there is the chipmunk running on the log.
Here is the chipmunk trying to camouflage with the grass.

Hopefully you can see my critter friends today.  So what has been happening in Hamilton (or the Hammer as some call it) the last few days?  Well, on Sunday I headed into downtown (while Mark worked on his 44 page Number Theory Assignment) with some German and Egyptian friends to check out “Open Streets Hamilton”.  It was a little strange,  the street was closed to cars so people could walk everywhere, but there were very few vendors or entertainment.  It all seemed a little odd and desolate.  We did however, walk all the way down (the open) James Street to Hamilton Harbour.  It is a lovely area with some groovy statues and lots of boats.  I still find it bizarre that the harbour is in a lake, not the ocean.  Everything is big in Canada.

Statues working hard at the Harbour.
Some of the trees in Hamilton got the memo that it’s Fall.

Even though there wasn’t a whole heap going on, we managed to find some fun.  We got some vouchers and free buttons, stickers, a coffee and apples.  We even participated in a free outdoor Zumba class.  Most of the people doing it were old ladies – which was great because we looked so energetic in comparison!  I had a coffee from that place I was talking about – Homegrown Hamilton.  Now those of you that know me would know I don’t really drink coffee.  When I say we went for a coffee I generally mean Chai Latte, tea or maybe a Mocha if I am feeling really adventurous (but I usually regret it later).  Well the Homegrown Hamilton coffee was awesome! It didn’t have that horrible coffee aftertaste that I try to mask with chocolate in my mocha but always gets me in the end.  It didn’t even make me shaky or give me stomach pains.  I was incredibly impressed and am now even more keen to have breakfast there! Apparently they got their permit to build an oven or whatever it is they needed to do, so in a week from now we can eat there! yay.

Crunching away on some free apples.

For lunch we went back to my favourite bagel place and bought a baker’s dozen (oh yes, in Canada that is 13 aswell – I asked).  We all chipped in a few toonies and had a bag full of delicious bagels to share.  But what did we put on them?  Well! We got some very very yummy cream cheese (after sampling many from a fancy cheese shop and eventually deciding to go to the regular store), sat on some bleachers and ate them!  I had a blueberry one  and a honey flaxseed one.  They were both very good… Cannot decide what is my favourite.

So Sunday was good… and I had by extra bagel this morning for a delicious breakfast.   This Monday has been a lazy one for me.  It has been raining and cold and just sleepy weather.  I did attend a class – but mostly I sat inside, watched Firefly (which I am writing an essay on so it kind of counts as study), about 10 episodes of The Big Bag Theory, one episode of Doctor Who and I painted three little watercolours of my photographs from Mont Tremblant.  I stuck them in the vintage frames I bought from the toonie sale and they definitely brighten up the window sill.  I really love the frames, they are all wooden and just so what frames should be! I would love to take them back to Australia when the time comes… but not quite sure how that would work.

Spent the rainy day making paintings for my window.

The most energetic, productive and adventurous activity of today happened at 8 o’clock tonight when Mark and I attended our first Karate class.  We took off our shoes, bowed to our sensei and ran around for an hour with interspersed push-ups, sit-ups and punches.

I am not very good at push-ups… at all.  But I am sure that doing Karate twice a week over a period of 4 months will improve my muscles at least a little.  My memories of being 12 and doing Tae-Kwan-Doe came flooding back as I stood in the lunge position and started to punch.  I am really looking forward to doing Karate actually – I forgot how much I liked martial arts.  I just really hope there isn’t too much contact.  Thankfully I met another exchange student there who is Danish, very nice and about my height and build, so I may be scoping her out as a sparing partner if the time comes.

Well! It is time to read up on some Art and Visual Culture in East in an attempt to prepare for my very scary class tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “It’s raining watercolours and karate”

    1. Thanks mum 🙂 I enjoied doing the paintings but it is the frames that are pretty. The pictures make the room feel more like mine though. Karate was good… but my abs are so sore today I can barely do anything!

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