Published in 1830

I went to the library today to get some books on an assignment that has crept up on me (it’s due THIS Friday?!?!).  The assignment is on Renaissance art and I have to compare two paintings – it’s actually pretty cool – so don’t think I’m complaining, just stressing a bit.   Anyway, I had some pretty amazing experiences with books that I really need to blog about.  First of all, the library has so many books.  It has it least 5 floors (all my books so far are on the 4th or 5th floors) and they are jam-packed in! Secondly, the books are amazing.  This is a spread in my book on the Northern Renaissance artist Cranach, who is one of the artists I am looking at for my essay.

This is an amazing reproduction of Cranach’s Judgement of Paris

So yeah, that’s impressive – but I’ve seen gorgeous catalogues before.  What I found hidden on the bottom shelf is a little more worth blogging about:

A book called “The Life of Titian: with anecdotes of the distinguished persons of his time.”
Quite a nice book with impressive cover and designs
published in 1830

Yes, you saw correctly.  This book, that I borrowed using electronic self-checkout from the library and hold in my hot little hands… was published in 1830.  Not first published in 1830, but the actual copy on my desk is 181 years old.  Now say what you want, but I think that is impressive.  I am going to read that book because it is actually relevant to my studies!

Well, I must go… sleep is needed as I have assignments due, a thanksgiving dinner to cook and a trip to Chicago to organise.  Unfortunately, in order to do these things I need to be well rested.  But seriously… how cool are the books?!


3 thoughts on “Published in 1830”

  1. I can’t believe there is a book published in 1830 that is in a university library which you are free to borrow any time you like – does this happen anywhere else? I can’t imagine an Australian uni library doing this, the book would be under lock and key. I bet the book was heavy, it looks like quite a tome – it looks like a beautiful book. You’re going to Chicago – brilliant! The city of speak-easys and boot-leg liquour in the 20s, of gangsters and high-rise buildings and bitterly cold winters but great culture and museums. You and Mark will have a fantastic time! Your first Thanksgiving Dinner – what are you going to cook?

    1. I couldn’t believe it either, but there were quite a few beautiful old books. That book has so much history, it’s really amazing. I can’t imagine being allowed to just borrow a book like that in Australia at all! It’s a bit hard to read though – not exactly current writing style! For the Thanksgiving dinner I made stuffed capsicum/peppers – they went down really well! So yum.

      1. I remember the stuffed capsicums from Christmas, with the couscous, they were a hit! I bet the books is full of olde-style English which would be a bit akward to following but what a treat reading and studying from a book so old.

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