Nature’s palette

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I am going to try something new this time.  I am going to try to keep this blog short and sweet, and give you some time to look through the slideshow of photos I have added.  I am not quite sure how the slideshow will work in the post – so let me know your thoughts

Nature’s Palette

With Fall well and truly upon Hamilton, Mark and I decided to torture our bodies and please our eyes with a hiking trip with the Mac Outdoors club on the Bruce trail to see the lovely waterfalls of Hamilton (for those of you who didn’t know, Hamilton has the most waterfalls of any city in the world).

We started our trip at the Pancake house nearby at 7am, filled up, caught a bus and began walking through suburbia with our packs on.  It was amazing that we caught a bus for less than 10 minutes and were in a beautiful green and red forest.  We walked along some railways lines, which I assumed were unused – but then a train came along.  It honked its horn at us and we all got out of the way and got down.  We were probably just over 2m from the speeding train – TRAINS ARE HUGE! It was interesting.

Our awesome, knowledgeable leaders told us how to wear our packs so they didn’t kill our backs.  We had food, tents, sleeping bags, clothes and other bits and pieces in our huge backpacks – and they were heavy.  I learned that you can actually clip the strap around your waist really tightly, so all the weight is on your hips and the pack actually sits above the shoulders.  It is the first use I have found for womanly hips – keep the backpack up and bear the weight, I am glad to have them.

Fall is such a distinct season in Canada, in fact I imagine all the seasons are distinct.  If you took a photo of the same place in Summer: it would be all green, Fall: covered in orange leaves, Winter: snow and Spring would be melting snow and green peeking through.  In Australia if you took a photo of the same place in the four seasons it would probably be mainly the temperature that varied – which you can’t see through a photo – and maybe a few different plants or flowers blooming.  Fall is spectacular.  I am continually amazed by how well nature understands colour theory – complementary greens and reds were all through the forest!

The main thing that struck me about this hike was how we felt like we were in the wilderness, gazing at fairy-like waterfalls, maple trees and deer, but then we would have to cross a busy road, or had a view of the city.  It was quite bizarre to carry sleeping gear and be really camping, but then see the city I currently live in.  I like that we live so close to this beautiful nature with clear streams and red leaves.

So, to emphasise a few points of this wonderful trip:

Camping with the Mac Outdoors club is amazing and you get to hang out with some very cool, like-minded and interesting people.

The Fall colours in Hamilton are astounding, as are the myriad waterfalls and views.

S’mores are delicious, as is quinoa.

Packs are really heavy, but it is great when you can carry the weight on your hips.  This does, however, change your centre of gravity which makes tripping over tree roots easier.  I am quite proud I managed to carry a big pack, but some other people lugged around even heavier gear than me and I am thoroughly impressed by them.

I am on exchange from Australia – and so see this Fall phenomenon as quite exotic, but even if anyone reading this lives in Hamilton, I urge you to go on the Bruce Trail and find some falls while the leaves are so colourful, and for those of you who live in the rest of the world – find something in your local area that a tourist would be impressed by.  There will undoubtedly be something, and it will be worth your time to appreciate your home.





3 thoughts on “Nature’s palette”

    1. I am glad you like the slideshow! What way would you say is best to put photos up? Slideshow, integrated into the text or in a gallery at the end?
      I forgot to mention how cold it was – it was bloody freezing! about 8 degrees and windy… Canada is cold.

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