Screams, Sickness and Shopping

I regret that it has been awhile since my last post, but alas the cold, rainy weather has penetrated my immune defences and left me a schnozzly mess.  The temperature has plummeted here in Canada.  Most days have been a top of around 12 and low of 2… I think today was a top of 7 – we are in the single digits people! These crazy Canadians keep saying that it’s not cold yet – I inform them that if it got this cold where I am from: IT WOULD MAKE THE NEWS!

Well, it’s cold… but we went to wonderland.  Think it’s cold walking around in 7 degrees?  Go on a rollercoaster.

It felt steep going up, and then we remembered what the other side looked like…

I went on rollercoaster with a beanie, scarf and gloves… and came off frozen.  The rollercoasters were pretty awesome though, and the best part was that there were no lines! I love no lines.

The kiddies section is always good for some mini trains.

We wandered around the lovely wonderland for a while.  I had a slight issue that my boots were wet, and I ended up losing feeling in my little toe and it went white.  This was a little concerning, but with Mark’s good guidance I bought 2 pairs of wonderland socks and wiggled my feet around and eventually got the feeling back.  Needless to say, I have since got out and bought winter boots ($40 – score!).  Mark also felt the chill and (for the first time that I have witnessed) got excited about shopping.  He is now stocked up on incredibly stylish winter coats.

Night fell over wonderland and it transformed from a child’s fantasy to a nightmare that should stay hidden under the bed.

And who though clowns were scary…?

I am not generally one for scaring myself, but managed to venture through 8 Halloween mazes, some of which had severed limbs hanging from the ceiling and people (convincingly) acting as psychotic killers jumping at you under the most flattering lighting of all – strobe.

I guess I can kind of see some appeal in being scared… it gets the heart pumping and you forget you are cold for one thing!

Jumping skeletons tickled my funny bone 😀

We saw a really cool show where people were dressed as skeletons, but to the reverse of their body (so the skeleton’s face was on the back of their head).  They jumped up a wall from a trampoline and did lots of cool tricks, if anyone ever needs an assembly item or something (mum I am talking to you) get the kids to dance around backwards it skeleton costumes – it looks awesome.


So now to completely change the mood: FLOWERS.  I have been feeling sick and missing home more than a little.  I even had a day off and went to the doctor! So here I was at home, feeling sick and working on a spirit-crushing assignment, and some beautiful flowers arrived at my door!  It was exactly 2 weeks before my 21st birthday, and I was very surprised.  My mum had ordered the flowers to come on my birthday, but the florist had mixed up the date.  I must say though, the day they came I really appreciated those flowers – and still do.  The fill the room with an amazing aroma and even make me want to clean my desk! The only problem is that the are so incredibly beautiful that they make me remember just how loving, thoughtful and amazing my family is… and just how far away they are.

Isn’t that an amazing power of the internet though? My parents are on the other side of the world… but they still sent me flowers.  I love them, thank you.


3 thoughts on “Screams, Sickness and Shopping”

  1. I am very pleased that you like the flowers and as it turns out they arrived when they were needed. No what am I going to send for your 21st Birthday?
    Those clowns look scary.
    How am I supposed to make/get skeleton costumes for my assembly items?
    Your Jack-o-lantern looks fantastic.

    1. The flowers are still beautiful 🙂 I finally understand David’s childhood fear of clowns! I don’t know how you can get them… but you just did an assembly item so you have a whole year to find some!

    2. Armando is scared of clowns, lol (don’t tell him I told you) so that place would terrify him. My brother-in-law is from Canada Laura and says the same thing when we comain it’s cold! We get back at him when it’s hot though!

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