Head off, guts out.

This evening marked our first ever pumpkin carving experience.  It was fun.  We went to the pumpkin carving event hosting by the Mac Outdoors club, filled ourselves with yummy desserts and took a knife to a very orange pumpkin.

The method was: cut its head of and scrape the guts out.

It was freezing! Mark didn’t want to get his stylish new jacket covered in pumpkin guts – so he braved to cold… but it was very cold.  We decided on a design we saw in the little book that came with the tools, and then I drew it free-hand.  It was surprisingly even to carve the pumpkin, even in th dark.  The type is like nothing I have ever seen in Australia – much softer.  I don’t think you could carve a butternut!

Bringing the pumpkin to life
Our first ever Jack-O-Lantern!

I think for two Aussies who have never made a light out of a pumpkin before… we did a good job!  I am trying to think of ideas for my next creative carve… But for now, enjoy some shots of our little spooky friend:

Awesome teamwork
Our pumpkin cast a spooky shadow…

our outdoors club friends had some good carving skills as well.
Jack-o-lanterns smiling together, Mark already blew ours out though…


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