The Colour Orange

 My last blog was a pretty monumental one, and well continuing along the lines of “Mark and I are engaged”, we took some pretty photos to remember that we like each other:

While we were in Cootes Paradise we were visited by some friendly little critters.  I was climbing up the hill, balancing my camera on a log and racing the self-timer where I heard footsteps.  Expecting to see joggers, I was pleasantly surprised when three deer where staring back at me.  It is really hard to see in this photo (well done evolution! Deer camouflage in a fall forest), but there are some deer casually enjoying some grass.

There were three deer calming munching away.
Black squirrel action shot.
This little was eating a leaf.

The colour orange is not just confined to the depths of Cootes Paradise though.  The streets are lined with deciduous trees that decide (or perhaps are forced by the chill) to spin their green leaves around the spectrum and eventually to the ground.  It does make for an awfully pretty walk to uni though.

All those leaves from all those trees have to fall.
It looks like Winter is attacking from the right in Westdale.
The orange tree on King Street West steers clear of the powerlines.
The people in this house will certainly know the season.
The University is changing its colours too.
We pass my favorite maple tree going to Karate.
People dress up their houses in the Halloween spirit, I can’t wait to see the Christmas lights.

Now Fall is not the only thing orange about this time of year.  Halloween takes us on an orange pumpkin carving journey that is more than a bit sticky, but an awful lot of fun.  I enjoyed Halloween – especially the pumpkin carving.  Once you tear out the seeds you can actually roast them.  They taste so good fresh.  At the MIX Halloween event we went to town on those pumpkins.  The idea is that you carve a pumpkin and put a tea-light candle inside so that kids know you are home and can come and ask you for some candy.  Mark and I actually did this – we put out three brightly lit pumpkins for Halloween and stocked up on chocolates and jubes.  We even got some little trick-or-treaters.

Me getting ready to attack the pumpkin.
Once all the seeds are gutted out there isn’t much left.
I have found quite a serious love of pumpkin carving.
My ambitious design turned out quite well.
I think I want to have a pumpkin lantern all year-long.
Ahhh me hearties this be me pumpkin!
Swinging pirates at Bridges.
So many intricate pumpkin designs.

I am keen to keep developing my pumpkin carving skills, but I’m pretty blown away by this Zombie pumpkin carving effort.  The colour orange is certainly dominating the scenery lately, not that I mind.  I am looking forward to when white has its turn at the fore of the seasonal colour scheme… not long now.


3 thoughts on “The Colour Orange”

  1. More great pumpkin carving skills – the haunted mansion/castle is fab. Can you make a career out of pumpkin carving back home?…probably not. And I love your pirate costume by the way…we didn’t get a single trick-or-treater this year so that means more Malteasers for us! The leaves are beautiful whey then turn and change colours.

    1. Haha! When you read those two comments next to each other it is very amusing. I like the photo… I love self-timer. Yeah, the pumpkins are a bit smelly, but we are hanging onto them a little longer. It;s cold outside so they are surviving OK. Will have to throw them out soon though.

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