Painting Procrastination

 Today is the day before my 21st birthday… but it’s a little complicated as in Australia, the place I was actually born, it is my birthday.  I guess I have technically been alive for 21 years, but my calendar date says November 7th.  Well, I’m going to enjoy this drawn out 21st and the novelty of it.

I am currently in a lull between stressful weeks.  I had an enormous amount of assignments and tests last week, and have several more in the weeks to come.  This week however, I only have one little test on Friday.  I know I should be frantically studying to avoid future panic… but well, it’s nice to paint a little.  I have been feeling really homesick lately, but when I paint I am happy.  It started with my painting a birthday card for my brother and for my friend Steph… but there were so many things I wanted to paint!  I mainly worked from photographs I have taken whilst in Canada or from real leaves I collected.

I just couldn’t stop painting scenes from my travels…
Fall leaves from my favourite tree

I am planning on sending these home so my family can see something a little more personal than photographs and I won’t have to worry about finding space for them in my suitcase!

How can I not be inspired to paint though? The Fall colours have lingered longer than expected and seem to get more and more lovely.

This was the view from a bench I was studying at.
One tree wears yellow and the other red… careful not to be seen in the same thing.
I based a painting on this photo… the trees are so yellow!

I was photographing the ivy on the back of Hamilton Hall, and saw a squirrel.  As I often do, I got excited and followed it.  The squirrel ducked inside the ivy – into nowhere.  It turns out that there are little burrows all through the ivy for the squirrels to hide in!  Living at a university has certainly taught them a thing or too.

Multi-coloured ivy
If you click on anything today, make it this! The academic squirrel is hiding.
And now that little scholar is running!

Well, I am off to post some letters, go to class and enjoy my extended birthday.


One thought on “Painting Procrastination”

  1. I love the acedemic squirrel. What a great picture. Your cards are fantastic – I expecially like the squirrel ones. I think the trees who are different colours are very interesting. I wonder why they are so different – are they the same variety of tree?

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