Oh Deer!

Today I wandered out behind the university into the forest.  That’s right, forest.  A real-live forest with squirrels, chipmunks and oh… deer!

I walked toward the trees at the back of the university, through the student residences and past the football field.  I vaguely remembered seeing a path there one time.  As I looked for the trail, I heard someone walking.  I hadn’t expected to see anyone on the trail, and so was a little disappointed that it might be a popular spot, when I in fact wanted some quiet.  As the sound of footsteps drew closer I realised it wasn’t a person… but a deer.

So it seems it wasn’t an overtrodden trail… well at least not by human steps.  I walked over toward the deer and he was not phased by me.  He wasn’t phased by the crazy squirrels running around the trees either.

I walked into the path, where the deer had been and soaked up the scenery.  I heard some more steps and saw a doe, munching away on some grass.  Then, across the path dashed two more deer – a male and his doe-eyed companion.  They looked at me, I looked at them.  I walked over, camera in hand… and they just kept looking.

At first I thought it was really cool that the buck wasn’t running away, but then he started moving towards me.  He kept looking toward me, and then the doe, then me.  I then realised I knew almost nothing about deer, and if they were at all dangerous.  The buck was staring me down, and as I stood there stupidly with my camera, he started tapping his hoof on the ground – a sign I knew all too well from cartoons.

Needless to say I speak enough deer to know it was time to leave the pretty forest and head back to a different kind of territory – my Renaissance art lecture.


4 thoughts on “Oh Deer!”

  1. No – there will be no lecture. I am glad that you did not have to run though because I think he would have outrun you. It is amazing that you have so many interesting wildlife so close to suburbia. I suppose a lot of our wildlife are parrots and beautiful birds. Do they have many birds?

    1. I keep making a comparison to deer and kangaroos – they’re not uncommon, especially if you go into the bush/forest, but people still get kind of excited when they see them. There are some nice birds, like blue jays and woodpeckers, but not the extent we have birds at home. They squirrels and chipmunks are more on par with cockies and lorikeets.

  2. Seems fairytale like doesn’t it – you are walking through the woods, hear rustling noises only to find does and deers – only in Canada! Glad you moved away when you did…as those prongs look dangerous.

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