Mark’s Birthday Extravorganza

My birthday may have lasted 40 hours… but we extended Mark’s birthday over a little bit longer.  It has been a long time since I blogged – but at least now I can organise it thematically around Mark’s birthday celebrations.  It all started last Saturday with all you can eat sushi.  We learnt from last time and only ordered what we could eat, so left happy and content as opposed to comatose.  It is good to learn from your mistakes.

Birthday all you can eat sushi – so tasty
Sushi handrolls and pizza… yum

On Mark’s actual birthday we woke up nice and early and I finally got to give him the presents I have been accumulating.  I was so excited to give him a whole bunch of things I have been picking up over the past month or so – and his face seemed to suggest he liked them.  I think he was surprised and happy with them all – so a very good start.

Mark on his birthday morning
Mark’s chipmunk card and cupcake: can you tell who gave them to him?

After class on Mark’s birthday we walked into Hamilton to a Thai Restaurant I have been itching to try… after our hour-long walk and growing hunger… we found it to be closed.  That didn’t dampen Mark’s birthday spirit however and we headed to Locke Street.  Spirits were still dry when the rain came pouring down.  We were dry one minute and soaked the next.  It was ironic as I had bought an umbrella on Locke St a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the chance to use it, and there I was – metres from the umbrella store – wet to the bone.  We sought refuge in my favourite bagel place.  It turns out they also to fabulous – incredibly gourmet pizza (I have never such an extravagant pizza in my life: 5 different types of mushrooms, herbs and baked brie).  Mark thoroughly enjoyed his baked potato birthday pizza as well.  We then kicked some butt at karate, watched a movie and ate birthday cupcakes – good day.

Now, why has the birthday celebration only concluded today? 6 days after the 14th?  Well we were supposed to go to the Ontario Science Centre on Mark’s birthday – but it just didn’t work with times (we finished uni too late and it closed too early).  We instead went today, with our lovely Dutch entourage.  After a rocky start of missing the GO bus by 30 seconds (no joke, we got there at 9:00:30 and even made eye contact with the bus driver), the day went very smoothly.  The Ontario Science Centre is pretty darn fun.  It’s aimed at kids – but I think much of it would be lost on them.  It is very well suited to the curious mind of a 21 year old, or older.

Mark was in his element…
He peered into a cloud chamber, I believe his exclamation was, “Wow! It’s a real cloud chamber!”
I drove on a hover chair like astronauts
and we watched some balls go on the adventure of a lifetime!
Evelyn and I were astronauts!

Mark drove a robot that had a fork as a weapon

After a fun-fact-filled-few-hours at the Science Museum we headed downtown to see the Santa Claus parade.  Another activity that may seem aimed at children but was awesome for all ages.  Not only was there a parade – which is always fun if only for the atmosphere – there was also a strange flea market.  There were stalls selling an eclectic mix of junk and goodies – a pair of vintage ice skates took my fancy, but at $40 they were no bargain like by $5 pair.

We perused the flea market
Watched a Christmas beaver parade the streets
and ate candycanes…

I hadn’t really noticed until today… but Christmas is coming.  When I was little I used to go to Sydney with Mum and look at the David Jones window displays.  Well, when my Mum comes to visit me in Toronto, I need to take her to look at the displays here.  There we wonderful… and what’s more, both Mark and I made Santa’s good list.

Mark is on the top and I am not far behind – Santa has been paying attention!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
The streets of the window were ever so Christmassy
The detail was amazing – I mean three sleeping mice were awaiting Christmas under a large human family’s excitement
The display detailed Santa’s preparation for the big day – and finally a celebratory feast!

We walked around the Christmassy streets of Toronto and found the ice rink at the Eaton Centre… There was ice, but not very much.  I think it is in the preparatory stages… but we slid around anyway.

“ice-skating” at the Eaton Centre Toronto

All-in-all Mark’s 21st birthday celebrations were an exciting concoction of activities… and it made me realise something – we are going to have a white Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Mark’s Birthday Extravorganza”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Mark! (from myself, Mum and Dad) – we hope you had a wonderful day. That sushi looked beautiful. And I love the Christmas decorations. You get to experience a ‘White Christmas’ – sigh. That is on my bucket list. And I’m loving the colourful beanie!

  2. Well that sounds like a fabulous birthday. Your card to Mark is soooo cute. (You and Mark as chipmunks, I love it). Your blogs seem to be making me laugh and cry all at the same time these days. Lauren “White Christmas” is also on my bucket list. I am very much looking forward to it but I do love the summer weather we have here in Aus.
    I do not appear to be on Santa’s list. Mark told me it was the Canadian list so not to worry. But I will be in Canada at Christmas so I am begining to worry.

    1. We’ll have a word to Santa and let him know you will be in Canada so he can update his list. I am so excited for a white Chritsmas. I think there is already snow where we are going! Very exciting. It’s OK, you and David will only have to endure the weather for a few weeks and we’ll be doing super fun stuff!

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