Big Apples and Good Burgers


 Yes, this apple is huge – and it was one of the smallest the supermarket! It’s a Honeycrisp apple, which is absolutely delicious and grown in Ontario.  But seriously – big! I had to find time and space in my stomach to eat it, and needed a knife too.  Quite the effort.

Massive honey crisp apple

On a semi-related topic, Mark and I went out tonight to Chuck’s Burger Bar with the people from the Waterfall Hike a few weeks back.  It’s a really cute little restaurant on Locke St that serves amazing burgers.

Renee and Mark at Chuck’s Burger Bar

The roof was really cool – with sort of aged metal tiles and hanging lights.  As I was browsing the menu I found their vege burger, and it turns out “Chuck” is a vegetarian, and well he knows how to make a damn good vegeburger.  The meat-eaters weren’t disappointed either, with Mark having a bacon burger.  The actual patty was bacon – crazy.

Mark rolling up his sleeves for his bacon burger

You can also choose all you toppings from a huge list – I got baby greens, cranberries, raspberry cheese, roasted garlic mayo and grilled peppers.

One great vege burger

Not only were the burgers great, but they had real cream soda, as in the brown stuff in a glass bottle.  Sitting at the bar with my burger and soda I did feel like I had jumped back in time to the 50’s.

Bottle of cream soda

There is something great about drinking from a glass bottle – I feel as if I had a hard day and work and deserved the suck the sweetness out of the glass.  Not something I often do, but very enjoyable.

Waterfall Hikers at Chuck’s Burger Bar

On a side note: it snowed last Thursday, and it was amazing.  I was in the library and looked outside and saw the fluffy white flakes dancing down from the sky.  I have been reluctant to blog about it because I couldn’t get any good photos – by the time I got home to my camera it had mostly finished.  Checking the weather today though, I came across a video that shows a little sample of the snow.  It melted before it hit the ground – but the flakes were gorgeous – and there were plenty of them.  The strange thing was, it was like a sun-snowshower! Very beautiful

Photos & Videos: Active Weather – The Weather Network.

While browsing around I also found a video of a little squirrel collecting leaves.  I am always blogging about the ways of these little critters, and so if ou would like to see what I gawk at for hours on end, this video shows just what they are like!

Photos & Videos: Animals – The Weather Network.


3 thoughts on “Big Apples and Good Burgers”

  1. That is one crazy-big apple – it wasn’t a GM apple was it? It looks delicious in any case. And speaking of fruit, this afternoon had I my first banana in months and months….That 1950s diner/hamburger place looks so cool and the burgers look like burgers should…although how did the ‘raspberry cheese’ taste like?

    1. I don’t think it was GM – maybe because we have been getting so much rain they just got huge! Bananas are so good! They’re cheaper over here which is crazy – I guess less cyclones to deal with.

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