Cavalcade of Lights

Yesterday I travelled to Toronto as the Australian in a group of Dutch girls.  I may have mentioned I like Dutch people – Of all the people from the Netherlands I have met so far, they have all been really nice, fun, adventurous and friendly 🙂 I may have had an above average representation, but until proven otherwise I am going to believe that all Dutch people are great.

So back to the story: we were going to Toronto to see the Cavalcade of Lights, but first we went shopping.

A reindeer greeted us as we entered the Eaton Centre

I had no idea, but the Eaton Centre in Toronto is huge – with some very upscale shops.  Another fact I was unaware of was that is was Black Friday.  Now this is a tradition in the states where there are a lot of sales, and it filters up to Canada.  Needless to say – the shopping centre was insanely busy.  Reindeer and shoppers alike filled the space from top to bottom, side to side.  We shopped and shopped and shopped some more.

Busy, Bright and Beautiful

It is really difficult shopping in Canada in winter, because it’s freezing outside and you wear layers and boots and beanies and gloves… then you walk inside and it’s about 23 degrees! So you have to take off all those layers and warm winter accessories and carry them.  It makes it harder to buy things and all the staff seemed to look at me like they suspected I was shoplifting.  Next time I go shopping in Canada I will just be cold outside and buy something warm whilst shopping.  There were some great sales and I really wished a hat a bottomless wallet and an army of bag-carriers, but alas, I had neither.  I did buy a few little nice things and some Christmas presents though.

I have a shop!

After about 4 hours of hard-core girl shopping, we headed outside to the relieving cold.  First of all we ended up in an all-Halal restaurant.   have never eaten Halal food before but it was really nice, I had this pizza thing called a Mankoushe or something.  It was really nice.  We then headed over to the ice-skating rink for the outdoor concert.  There were so many people and lights.  It was a really good atmosphere.

Concert, crow and tree
The ice-skating rink was so crowded

Last week we looked at the ice-skating rink and walked around on it.  It is amazing that less than one week later, the rink was covered with ice and swarming with skaters.We managed to do a lap in our shoes – which was so much fun.  I am so excited to go skating properly.  Skating outdoors is just gives me such a buzz.

Christmas Fireworks

After the concert fireworks exploded to a dramatic remix of Christmas songs.  It was actually very impressive.  We walked around a little more, enjoyed the sights and bought dorky hats (I have a moose beanie now).

No word of a lie, a moose beanie.
The Christmas tree and rink
How do you deck a deciduous tree out for Christmas?
Cavalcade of Lights

After some exploration of the surprisingly busy Toronto streets we stopped for crepes.

Waiting for crepes

We figured that if the line for these crepes was that long, they must be great – and they were.  I had dark chocolate strawberry and banana…

and I really enjoyed it

We took a leisurely stroll back to the GO station and went via another lovely mall.

It was decorated with very pretty lights
Including light you could walk on
Inside the mall was a beautiful spiral Christmas tree and fountain
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, from all different perspectives
With glittering baubles and all
CN tower a the GO station

Back at the GO station we glimpsed the CN tower from a different angle before running for the bus.  It was a wonderfully Christmassy day… and an awfully tiring day as well.  ‘Tis that time of year.


2 thoughts on “Cavalcade of Lights”

  1. How beautiful are those lights! So so pretty and festive. And that massive reindeer in the mall is incredible, I wonder how big it is?

    1. They are really amazing! Christmas lights seem to have a bit more of an effect in winter because it gets dark early and the warm glow is more significant. The reindeer was huge! There were at least three of them throughout the mall! Crazy.

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