Creating Cuteness

I am finding that I am filled with a driving motivation the past few weeks to paint.  I want to paint anything – scenes from photos I’ve taken or squirrels I’ve seen.  It only occurred to me today that I should put a few online – I haven sent most of them home and in various Christmas cards already, but here are some new ones:

That adorable little Mont Tremblant chipmunk.
Deer strolling on the Chegwin trail.
Fall leaves falling
Chilly campers around a the warm glow of a fire.

As I paint the little chipmunks and squirrels I find myself cooing over their cuteness – quite a strange sight I am sure.  Actually Mark went hilariously clucky over the chipmunk painting.  I will try to remember to photograph my paintings before I send them off home next time.  There will undoubtedly be more.  I always to seem to be at my most productive when I should be doing something else.  I have two papers due but churned out about 20 watercolours.  If I had to submit watercolours to something maybe I would have my essays done… probably not though.


8 thoughts on “Creating Cuteness”

  1. These are beautiful paintings. I know what you mean about being most productive when you should be doing something else. I’ve noticed that trend in my life too. 🙂

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