Winter Wonderland Ball

Me in my new dress feeling Christmassy

I seem to be building on a reputation.  There is a notion floating around that Australians are spontaneous, unphased by plans and laid back about events – happy to leave things to the last-minute.  I never really thought this one applied to me, because in Australia I might be considered someone who stresses about these things – but compare me to Europeans and North Americans and apparently I fit that Aussie stereotype.

Mark and I were planning to go to Montreal this weekend, but had to post-pone it because of our karate grading (which I will definitely blog about soon).  Because we were going to be in Hamilton, I decided to get tickets to the Winter Wonderland Ball.  Slight problem though – I didn’t have anything to wear.  It is the last week of classes so it has all been very full on, and I hadn’t found time to go to the shops to buy a dress until 11am Saturday.  The ball was at 5pm.  So we rushed to Lime Ridge Mall and eventually I found a dress that I liked (and was on sale) and Mark found a very snazzy ensemble.  It was a little stressful but, embarrassingly enough, we were actually the first to arrive.

We managed to find some nice outfits

The Winter Ball was an event for all the exchange and international students to get together and have some fun before everyone goes their separate ways.  I was lucky enough to be at a table populated with Germans, an Egyptian, an Austrian and Canadians.

My ticket number got called out and I won a present!

 There were lots of door prizes and I was lucky enough to win one.  It happened to be a men’s large McMaster t-shirt, which makes a great pyjama top.  My favourite part of the present however was the wrapping paper.  I was sitting at a table with four German’s after all, and the made me a German-engineered hat.  It was incredibly sturdy.

My German-engineered hat lasted the whole night!
They became a sort of uniform for our table.

As well as feats of German-craftsman ship, the evening held multi-cultural entertainment including dances and a rendition of Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer in Danish.

The dance involved a lot of one-hand clapping.

After a massive buffet dinner (again, surprisingly vegetarian friendly), we hit the dance floor.  It’s amazing how people from all over the world seem to know all the same songs.  Even songs from the 90s that I get excited and all nostalgic about – they do to.  But I guess they’re not Australian songs anyway, it just really shows the cultural dominance of America.  Fun to dance to though!

I am quite a dorky but enthusiastic dancer.

The night was fun, the food was plentiful and the decorations were festive.  I must say, I am loving the Christmas cheer.

The dance floor.

I am even more excited because in 19 days my Mum and brother will be here to share in the Canadian Christmas!

O’ Christmas Tree

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