Yellow belt, White snow

Some good things involving white and yellow occurred today. Usually yellow and snow is a dangerous mix, but when I walked out of karate class with my yellow belt and saw white snow on the ground, it was only good.  The story goes back to last week, where Mark and I participated in the karate grading.  We have been going to karate twice a week (three times for the past few weeks) and had been allowed by our Sensei to participate in the grading.  This was exciting enough as not everyone gets a chance to grade, but it was very nerve-wracking!  I had to go first, which had my heart racing.  I made a few mistakes, but overall it went quite well.  There was one point where the instructor marked out a rink, faced me against another white belt and said “fight.”  That was an interesting experience – one kick to the stomach and I learned to block pretty fast.  I may have got a punch or kick in, it was such an adrenaline rush! I would say I want to fight again, but that’s not quite the right statement.  Rather, I would like to participate in another controlled karate fight where I can stop at any time and with someone I trust.  But man, when those circumstances arise again, I am in!

So we got presented out yellow belts today, in a wonderful karate ceremony.  We even got to see a black belt demonstration.  I really want to continue karate back in Australia… I have got a real taste for the karate do.

So spirits, high we headed outside… and saw SNOW! We have had snow in Hamilton before, but there was an importance difference this time, it was staying!

I am very excited by the snow!

We ran around and slid in the snow on the way home from karate.  Mark was so excited he just kept singing “Snow! Snow! Snow!”

Mark in front of house in the snow
Looking up at the snow
The snow stayed on the cars

As Mark and I played around and photographed the snow passers-by thought we were a bit odd.  But I think they are odd, huddled under their umbrellas and hoods when they could be  dancing in the snow!

Me happily frolicking in snow
Snow falling on the street
Snows staying on tree
Mark admiring the snow
Street view in Hamilton
Mark trying to catch some snow on his tongue
Our lawn
Taking photos of snow
Snow on rail
Snow on our BBQ

So, you get the picture.  There is snow and it is wonderful.  Now, here’s some proof of my progression in karate:

My grading certificate with beautiful Japanese seals
Chudanuki with yellow belt
Happy in yellow

I am so happy in my yellow belt with the snow that I looked up the forecast: and there is more to come!


4 thoughts on “Yellow belt, White snow”

  1. You didn’t tell me that you got kicked in the stomach.
    I am very proud of you two and your yellow belts. I too am excited about your snow but I hope the plane can get in. You enjoy your snow. In OZ it is Summer and a top of 16 degrees. Bloody cold.

    1. It didn’t hurt, just surprised me. It is mostly melted now, but a bit more expected tonight. The plane certainly wouldn’t have a problem in this weather, and I think it will be fine. That is cold for Summer! It must be waiting for me to arrive.

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