Feeling the Cold

Snow and exams are a new combination for me, so when I woke up at 7.30am on the day of my exam and saw the ground covered with snow all exam stress was lost and only excitement was found.  On my way to my Television and Society exam (and exam which was only on the readings which had barely been discussed in class) I took my camera.

Snow covered the grass on the way to uni
The health sciences library was surrounded with snow
The Arts quad was covered before they put salt on it

I made it to campus early enough to see the ground before they “Salt Man” (as I have termed him) came up and melted everything.  He pours salt over all the footpaths and concrete areas, I suppose so people don’t slip.  I don’t like it because it melts all the lovely snow and leaves weird salt crystals everywhere.  Apparently the salt really ruins your shoes as well.

Waiting outside exam hall

My exam was it a weird building called a “Temporary Building”, but they must be reasonably permanent as it is on the map.  The exams are less formal here than in Australia, you just walk in and take a seat – nothing assigned.  You can also leave anytime after the first 45 minutes and go to the “washroom” whenever.  Takes the stress down a little which is nice.

Our house through snow

On the way back from my exam (which I finished an hour early: probably not a great sign), most of the snow had melted on the ground, but was still falling from the sky.

Slightly random: this is my advent calendar, it cost me 54 cents.

I was still on a high from the snow and wanted to go exploring to somewhere it might not be melted.  I searched Facebook for a friend to come with me and see if there was any snow left on the squirrels.  A fellow Australian, Bronwyn, came with me and we went off the beaten track to see some cold and pretty sites.

There were snowy logs
And some snow on fungus
Boardwalk on Chegwin trail
Snow on lake

Today I went into Toronto with some European friends to check out the Toronto Christmas Market.   The temperature was -6 but it “feels like” -13.  I wore 6 layers on top and tights and pants.  I was still freezing.  I just don’t know how to keep warm in this sort of weather.  The Christmas Market was actually quite lovely, but it was too cold to do anything! I wanted to buy some knick-knacks but I when I tried to get money out of my wallet my fingers were too cold and I kept dropping everything.  I did manage to take my hands out for a second to take some photos though:

Ordinary Toronto streets are festively lit
Maple taffy

We had some pure maple taffy, which was just delicious! It was a bit price ($3 each or 2 for $5), but really delicious and not something I have had before.

Christmas Market tree
Biergarten singer

We went into a little Biergarten and enjoyed some (again expensive) Gluhwein by the open fires.

Biergarten fire
Rugged up baby
Toronto Christmas Market lights
Cold Reindeer
Cold Christmas Market

 I love the market with the Reindeer and festivities – but it was just so cold! It is lovely to walk around in the cold and feel the warm glow of the lights though.  The whole atmosphere was so Christmassy.  I would like to go back in the daytime and buy some little trinkets to take home.  I think they key to staying warm may be to do with wearing gloves your don’t need to take off and to keep moving!

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