Men with Sticks on Ice

Hockey Rink

Hockey! Mark and I finally indulged in the thoroughly Canadian experience of ice-hockey.  I bought the tickets over a month ago because the funds were donated to a charity, and was really looking forward to the game.  Hockey combines a lot of good aspects of sport: there is amazing talent on the skates, it’s fast-moving because the puck can never really go out and it’s violent.  At first it seemed like there were no rules: use the stick to get the puck in the goal.  But it’s more like the fighting is woven into the rules.  Within the first minute we had a bit of a fight.

Fight within the first minute of the game
The game was Hamilton Bulldogs vs. Rochester Americans
Rochester was leading initially, but Hamilton caught up

The game itself was great, but there were some weird gimmicks.  Like every time there was a pause in the game the music would blare, and then suddenly stop as soon as play resumed.  We also saw an NSYNC video from a very long time ago singing about Christmas, as well as a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock by the Muppets.  There were odd little games between the periods as well that involved hockey pucks, cups and remote control cars.

Only a Canadian could walk on heels on ice – she even walked backwards

When a home goal was scored (there were two), the crowd went off and there was a weird viking man running around on the screen – it was bizarre, but fun.

Goal scoring screen

The players were amazing.  It was brutal, they would bash each other against the sides and onto the ice.  There were amazing on their skates though.  There was an odd mix of grace and brute-force.

Men with sticks
Mark’s new favourite sport
Enjoying the game
Ultimately Hamilton won 2 – 1
And the fans were happy
Winning Bulldogs parade

I must say I like hockey.  Much more than I expected.  In so many other sports the game is stop-start with outs and fouls, but hockey had a great flow.  The fights were really interesting too, they seemed semi-staged but authentic.  It is bizarre how they are integrated into the game.  I was very happy that the Bulldogs won!

4 thoughts on “Men with Sticks on Ice”

      1. Of course you can! Just didn’t expect it. I like watching the players madly change while the game is still running. When you said fight in like 2 minutes, I was thinking so typical hockey game!

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