My Little Tree

Today was supposed to be very productive.  I have a huge take-home final due Friday and the exam for my most challenging subject also on Friday, and then plan was to get really stuck into work/study today.  However, I woke up with a migraine.  This is never good for study, looking at a computer screen makes it worse, thinking makes it worse, standing makes it worse… basically everything except lying in a quiet, dark room makes it worse.  But I pushed through and tried to get some work done… but my mental state was not at its best to say the least.  I decided to go for a walk in the fresh air and see if I felt any better.  I rugged up and went into the cool, crisp afternoon and did feel a little better.  So I kept walking, and walking until I finally reached the Dollar store which is about 3km from my house.  I have been wanted to go there and buy some Christmas decorates but never found the time.  I thought it was a great opportunity.  My Mum and brother will be here in 11 days and I would love to have the place looking a little festive.  I bought I super-cute little tree for just $2 and some little apple decorations for $1 from a cashier who thought my accent was “just lovely” (not sure many places refer to the Australian accent in such a positive way but in Ontario they seem to love it).  I walked back home with the addition of a tree and some Tylenol.  It’s hard to buy painkillers when they don;t have the brands you are used too, but this stuff promised to get rid of my migraine and I am in no position to be skeptical.

Once home I was feeling a little better and set up a Christmas display.  I received two more cards today and they made me smile.  I love that my family are sending me Australian-themed cards, I need to show my Northern-hemisphere friends to prove that Christmas does exist in Australia even though it is warm.

Christmas tree and cards

I did some more painting over the weekend as well, I’ve continued my tradition of painting Christmas cards with Australian flora, that have so far been met with puzzled but happy expressions from the Canadians who received them.  I guess the waratah is a strange-looking flower to those who don’t have it as their state emblem

Australian Flower Cards

I’ve also continued painting some scenes from my photographs as little gifts and mementos.  I am not sure if these are completely done though – I need to live with them for a while and make some touch-ups.

Spiderweb watercolour painting
Squirrel painting
Woodpecker painting

 After putting up a tree, albeit a small one, I feel a lot better and am ready to start some serious study.   The Tylenol seems to be kicking in and I have no excuses left, so to the books I go.


One thought on “My Little Tree”

  1. Your Christmas tree and cards and decorations are lovely! And we received our Canadian-themed cards and pictures and they are beautiful thank you!

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