Koala Christmas

My northern hemisphere friends are having a hard time believing that we have Christmas in Australia in the Summer.  experiencing my first winter Christmas I can somewhat understand their confusion.  The sun setting by 5pm makes the lights stand out, and a dusting of snow does make the trees appear more magical.  The traditional Christmas foods are more agreeable to the temperature as well.  This doesn’t mean Christmas doesn’t work in summer, in fact I think Australia does a good job.  I try to explain that we don’t have snow or sleighs, but other things.  I have received some Christmas cards from home that I think illustrate this point rather well.

My Mum sent me this beautiful Christmas card filled with signiatures from her year 4 class.
My Aunty sent me this card showing a photo of a very festive koala.
My Grandma sent me a kangaroo card and made it wonderfully Christmassy with her message

My mum also sent me some lovely cards to give to some friends.  The Canadians seem quite taken by our “koala bears” (it is just “koala” people!) and I can understand their infatuation.  They are pretty darn cute, especially when in Christmas scenes.

I feel like the Australian answer to the deer are the kangaroo, and maybe the koala is akin to a chipmunk?  Canadians might disagree, but they have the cute-factor going on, and they leave in/near trees.  Koalas are quite a bit rarer than chipmunks though.  Anyway, just because I have been raving about the magic of a white Christmas does not mean I love an Aussie Christmas any less, I am someone full of spirit and cheer no matter what the climate!


One thought on “Koala Christmas”

  1. I love all of these Aussie-orientated Christmas cards – I never knew there we so many cards that featured both koalas and Santa. I love the card that Mum sent you! Christmas does exist in the Southern Hemisphere albeit not one with snow. Although the weather-people are predicting rain and low temperatures so it may be a cold Aussie Christmas this year.

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