Champagne Brunch

For my birthday, some of my lovely friends pooled together to buy me a $50 gift voucher to a very fancy restaurant called Ancaster Mill.  The idea was that Mark and I should enjoy a snazzy meal to celebrate our engagement.  The only problem was that we have been really busy and December seems to have flown by in what feels more like a week than a month.  So Sunday was the last day we were in Hamilton before heading out a numerous exciting adventures and being joined my my Mum and brother.  We decided Sunday would have to be it and so I booked us a table (using an online reservation) for 2pm for lunch.  We tried to find a bus to take us to the restaurant, which is in Ancaster, just about a 15 minute drive west of Hamilton.  However, the bus doesn’t go all the way to Ancaster on Sundays, and so we took it as far as we could (about 10 minutes) and the walked the rest of the way.  I am certainly not complaining. The walk, although it took the better part of 40 minutes, was very beautiful.  The road was dusted with snow and all the puddles were frozen.

As we were talking tiny little snow flakes fell from the sky.  I noticed the car park of  Tiffany Falls to the side of the road from our waterfall hike all that time ago.  Mark was concerned we would be late for our reservation, but I knew it would be worth a look at the waterfall in winter.  As we walked up to the falls the ground was covered in snow.  It was the first day I hadn’t worn my snow shoes and the first day I needed them!  The stream running from the waterfall was so beautiful.  The rocks were topped with fluffy white stuff and overhanging branches held veils of ice.  The waterfall itself looked like magic.  It was lined with snow and icicles hanging down the sides.

We stood for a moment to take in its icy beauty before continuing our journey to the Mill.  It wasn’t as far as we’d expected.  We walked up to the restaurant and saw that there was valet parking.  I’m guessing most people don’t get there by bus and walking.

I was glad a had brought my fancy red boots along, and that Mark was wearing  button up shirt.  I was a very, VERY fancy restaurant.

We were seated in a waiting room while our table was prepared.  Unbeknownst to me, I had booked us a table at the champagne brunch, $41.95 (not inclusing tax or tip) a head buffet.  As Mark and I got  tour of the restaurant we quietly discussed what we should do.  We decided that after the journey getting there it would be worth paying the difference on our gift voucher to do something really special.

Once the decision was made, we made the most of the situation.  It wasn’t hard to do really.  A lady pulled out my chair and took my coat before ensuring everything was fine with us.  The buffet was incredible.  I started with a custom omelette (best omelette I have every had) and Mark had a custom crepe.  We also both had a fresh strawberry smoothie to drink when we weren’t sipping our champagne.  Next I went for some fruit.  Unlimited raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries  could be skewered and dipped in a chocolate fountain.   There was also made-to-order Belgian waffles, a table of deserts, a row of mains and a table of seafood.  I really wish I could have fit more in by stomach.

It was just such a lovely experience.  I had never expected to go to a champagne brunch, andhadn’t expected the restaurant to be so fancy.  But we had an absolutely wonderful time.  I’m still happy and still full.


One thought on “Champagne Brunch”

  1. I love your Champagne Brunch – you and Mark both deserved a treat after the stress of exams – it looked very expensive but I’m glad you paid the extra for something really special! And Tiffany Falls looks incredible – it looks amazing and I wonder what it would look like in the summertime.

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