Nelson Bay

To get in the Australian spirit, Mum suggested we go to Nelson Bay while she was still on holidays.  We booked an apartment and 2 days later got in the car and drove 3 hours north.  We have been to Nelson Bay a lot over the years, and I understand why.  I’m taking advantage of living where I live.  In Canada, I would travel to Montreal or Chicago given the opportunity, so in Australia I went to Nelson Bay.  It’s had to belive such a lovely place is just a few hours from where I live.  Nelson Bay has a lovely marina with great ice cream and a great view.

Nelson Bay Mariner
Enjoying the Summer’s Evening
Grandma and Grandpa at the Marina
Marina at Night

After a BBQ at our apartment and a good night sleep, we walked down to get on the very old Tamboi Queen for a dolphin cruise.  My Grandparents used to go on the Tamboi queen 50 years ago when it used to ferry people back and forth from Tea Gardens.  Mum wasn’t too excited to go on the old boat, but I was looking forward to it.  We got on the boat and found a little spot, and then waited for the bus loads of people to arrive.  Just when we thought we might have the boat almost to ourselves, a busload of about 50 school children started walking toward us.  This was not good, loud little kids splashing in the boom net are not part of my ideal dolphin experience.  Just as we thought they were going to swarm our boat, they turned onto another one – a bigger one that Mum had initially wanted to go on.  We were very lucky and i felt like she had chartered the whole boat.  We headed out into the bay and saw dolphins almost immediately.  They were lovely, swimming gracefully in pods.  Mark and I got in the boom net as soon as it went down.  Great fun, but a bit hard on the bum.  As the waves lapped at our feet, we looked out and saw dolphins logging.  Logging is what dolphins do to conserve energy, they shut off half their brains and just go with the water – it seems the equivalent of dozing in front of the tv.  Anyway, while Mark and I were in the boom net, two dolphins came right up to us and under the boom net.  It was awesome.

Boom net on the Tomboi Queen

Soon after Mum, Grandpa and Grandma got in and we had fun getting trawled along in the water like bait.  Now I will write something about the next day, as much for myself to remember as to tell a story.  Mum, Mark and I walked to Wreck Beach.  It a bit of a bushwalk along a fire trail, and it was a hot, long walk.  When it had nearly gone on too long, the bush cleared to reveal the ocean, and it was very blue.

Bushwalk to Wreck Beach
View of the Water
Lovely Blue Water

It was a beautiful beach with clear blue water.  We went rock-hopping, Mark was smart enough to put shoes on but I just got incredibly exfoliated feet.  We found a little secluded beach that I really want to go back to. Something wonderful about Australia is the beach.  And so dolphins, crystal clear water and secluded beaches are a pretty good welcome back to the land downunder.

Swimming on Wreck Beach

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