Long Stroll at the Three Sisters

I hadn’t seen my wonderful friend Steph since leaving for Canada, and so the catch up we decided to check out one of our countries attractions – The Blue Mountains.  I used to go there often as a kid, and so did Steph.  Since my days as a 9-year-old hiking and worrying about leeches, somethings have changed.  The scenery is still the same, and there are still a lot of stairs, but I didn’t know what a big tourist attraction the Three Sisters were.  There were busloads and busloads of tourist, primarily Japanese.  I guess Australian Tourism must have a good ad campaign in Japan.  Well anyway, Steph and I embarked on a hike from Scenic World via the Three Sisters.  It had been raining a lot in Katoomba and so the track was very muddy, but luckily Steph was armed with a backpack full of insanely good cookies and sandwiches.  The rain also meant all the waterfalls were flowing and everything was very green.

Steph and I beginning our walk
A lovely waterfall
Water falling by the rock

Steph on the trail

The walk was supposed to take about 5 hours, but only two passed and we were already at the giant stairway.

Just the beginning of the stairs

Man, there are a lot of stairs, but can you really complain about fresh air, good views and exercise?

Looking up at the cliff face
Hiking Steph

We realised we must be getting close to the Three Sisters as the stairway began to be clogged with tourists.  Throughout the whole hike we had seen no-one, but once near that landmark they popped up everywhere.  I can see why people come from all over the world though – the view is pretty damn good.

Steph looking out from the three sisters
Smiling at the Three Sisters
Enjoying the view
Three sisters

So here is a little trivia.  The Blue Mountains are blue because of the haze from the eucalyptus trees.  It’s very pretty but dangerous for bush fires.

Apparently the name “Three Sisters” is from an Aboriginal Dreaming legend where three beautiful sisters fell in love with three brothers from another tribe, but they were forbidden to marry by tribal law.   The brothers were not happy with this law and caused a major tribal battle.

As the lives of the three sisters were seriously in danger, a witchdoctor from their tribe took turned the three sisters into stone to protect them from any harm.  Just as the sisters’ tribe had almost won the battle, the witchdoctor was killed before he could turn back the sisters.

The Three Sisters

On the walk back to the car we came across an interesting area of bush that had all been burnt and was re-growing.  The new growth was such a beautiful, fresh green – it was quite hopeful.

Black forest regrowing
In the burnt forest
On top of the log

Steph and I had a wonderful day, it doesn’t get much better than going for a great bushwalk to catch up with a friend.  Listening to the radio on the way home I heard that two people were hit by lightning at Echo Point (right where we were) and several people were hospitalised because of a landslide… so not only did we have a great day, but it looks like we were incredibly lucky too!


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