For the month of Feburary, I have an exhibition at the Narellan Library to share the watercolour paintings I made in Canada.  The exhibition Snapshots is an accumulation of the watercolour and ink sketches I made to record my experiences of travel and everyday life living in Canada.  I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor Creative Arts/Communication and Media Studies Double Degree at the University of Wollongong and in 2011 completed a semester of international exchange at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.  When packing to go away, I was limited in the baggage I could take and so left my series of brush and oil paints at home and brought only a sketch pad, pen and pocket sized watercolour set.  With these little traveler’s tools I made sketches of visual tidbits that may seem insignificant on their own, but make up part of my experience.  Each small painting captures a moment of excitement, whether it is a portrait of a busy squirrel on the lawn or a autumn maple tree in Algonquin Park.  Just as moments accumulate to create an experience, these small artworks come together to create an image of one person’s experience of living in Canada.

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