Blue Sky Green Pines Clear Water

On day six of our cruise we arrived at the Isle of Pines.  I had heard a lot about the Ilse of Pines, but never been there.  It pretty much lived up to my expectations with beautiful white sand, stunningly clear blue water and impressive pine trees.

Lovely white beach

We got on the tender boats again travelled across some rough water to arrive at the island.  We quickly visited the famous sacred rock on the island (it was much bigger than I expected) before getting ready for our tour.

The sacred rock

We’d booked a tour to ‘snorkel the natural aquarium’ and so headed off on a bus.  As we travelled we got to see the surprisingly diverse landscape of the small island.  After about 20 minutes we arrived at our destination, got out and walked into the ocean.  Well, it wasn’t open ocean, but the water was salty.  We had to leave our shoes on so we didn’t step on anything bitey as we walked through the water.  The scenery was definitely worth looking at.

Walking through the water to the natural aquarium
Grandma was a bit too short for the deep water
Clear water and Pine Trees
Strolling by the clear water

After a short walk we arrived at the natural aquarium.  It is protected area where many fish have decided to call home.  As it turned out, we probably couldn’t have chosen a better tour for that day.  It was quite windy, but because where we were was so protected the snorkelling was wonderful.  The fish there were so confident too! As I swam over them they didn’t flinch, just went about their business.

Mark excited about the natural aquarium
Not a bad view
Blue sky

The water was wonderfully clear and we had a great time with the friendly fish.

Tall palms and a pine
Tender/life boat

After snorkelling we walked around a very small market area to get some last minute souvenirs.  There was an engine that had been underwater for so long coral had started to grow on it.  The sign read: “Thank you, do not touch me, I am very fragile.  I stayed 18 years under the water. Will try to keep it like that another 20 or so.”

Motor covered in coral
Saying goodbye to the Ilse of Pines

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