Floating back home

Back on the ship we started to head home.  I didn’t particularly want to leave the pacific paradise and head back to the hard work and late nights that waited for me in Sydney.  The plus side of a cruise, however, is that even once you start the journey home, there is still time for fun.  In oyr last precious two days we discovered the joy of shuffleboard.  We had seen this shuffleboard thing a few days ago on the Pacific Daily (the little newspaper that is delivered to your cabin each morning), but hadn’t made it down to deck seven, portside to check it out.  So we finnally went dow to check it out and saw people hitting this large puck like thing with a long stick onto something that resembled a hopscotch game… it was awesome.

We picked up the sticks and gave it a go… we weren’t very good.  You had to allow for the movement of the ship, as well as avoid the dreaded minus 10 points square…  Even though we had only had five minutes experience, Mum and David and Mark and I formed teams and decided to enter the knock out competition.

Daid playing shuffleboard
Mum was pretty good
See the concentration on Mark’s face?
I got really into it

Surprisingly, after just a few turns we all got the hang of the game and made it through to the next round – which we both won.  Mark and I ended up fighting Mum and David in the semi-finals, and in a very close game, we won.  We got to the final and finished a proud second.  We even won a P&O stubbie holder (don’t underestimate the value of these, they cost a fortune in the gift shop.)

After our success (I was pretty darn happy with second) we celebrated with some cocktails.  Cocktails were ever so tasty on the cruise.  Things became tricky however, when I couldn’t tell if I was tipsy or not.  When I drink alcohol, the first thing to go is my sense of balance.  So it was quite confusing to me that the walls were always moving up and down and I staggered down the halls, no matter how many cocktails.  I found the best way to tell if you are drunk or not was: if it’s the boat rocking; everyone sways with you, if you’re drunk; you sway alone.

Cocktail night
Barry and Mum at The Orient
Grandma and Grandpa

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