Cocktails on Deck

Day 8 marked our last full sea day.  It was amusing how on this day all the laptops, textbooks and highlighters came out – including my own.  When we realised we would be in Sydney the next day (Monday) there were a whole heap of things that needed to be done by then.  Of course, we were still on holidays and so made plenty of time for fun.

Swimming on the deck

The water in the pool was quite cold, but great.  When the ship rocked the water rolled up and down the pool.  It had waves and was very fun to float in.  It was funny to see just how much the ship rocked and just how much we were used to its sway by day 8.

Relaxing with a round of cocktails on deck

I had been saying I would buy a round of cocktails all holiday, and so finally plucked up the courage to hand over my card on the last day.  Mum and Mark got raspberry coladas – which were amazing, Barry got a classic strawberry daiquiri, grandma had a kiwi-lime cooler (very refreshing) and I had an amazing cocktail that was called something like BCH… I don’t remember  its name, but it was fantastic: full of coconut, banana, rum and cream.  I would have another right now actually…

An angelic Grandma with a Kiwi-lime cooler

The cruise was largely about what we could consumer: food, drink and entertainment.  Every sense was stimulated all the time.  My eyes had a good time on this cruise, but we were generally at dinner or engaged in some activity when the sun went down, so I really wanted to watch the sunset on our last night.  Unfortunately, that night decided to be cloudy, but it was still quite lovely.

Sunset at sea

With the dramatic filter on my camera it had a different level of impressiveness.

Dramatic sunset

Mark and I were playing around on he deck and drawing inspiration from that famous Titanic scene at the bow of the ship… and Mum took some photos.

Hug on deck 14
Looking at the ocean
Getting our Titanic pose on
Maybe I will go for a swim…
and dip
Still tourists

2 thoughts on “Cocktails on Deck”

    1. Yeah it was really good. The ports were Noumea, Mystery Island, Lifou and Isle of Pines – I wrote a blog on each port if you would like to read more about them. Have you cruised before? This was my first one and it is different to other types of travel. I am ready for another holiday already!

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