Shopping to Travel

Our travel date is growing nearer – much nearer…

Visa applications are in the mail, injections are in our arms and it’s getting to the point of needing to pack.

I have finally popped my head slightly out of the stress storm that has been this semester of uni (I mean it’s exam and major work period now, but classes finishing has given me a chance to breathe) and started to get into the travel headspace.

Mum and I have started to think about packing… which is an issue because we don’t have any bags.  I want a backpack – like a proper pack that I can throw over my shoulders and strap around my waist to hike up a mountain if I want.  Mum wants one of those trolley things – like a backpack with wheels.  So, both are good choices, and it seems easy enough, but I forgot to mention the problem: we don’t want to spend 300-odd dollars.  I thought for under $100 I could get something decent, but that does not seem to be the case.  We have searched far and wide to no avail… so some action is going to need to be taken soon.  There are some on eBay I don’t mind the look of, but it’s tricky to buy something online when you don’t know very much about the product.  I want to try it on and unzip all the zippers before I part with money, but I think I am just going to have to go the way of the electronic auction, because I am not spending that much on a backpack.

It might be a little silly, but before we have a bag, Mum and I went shopping for things to pack in it.  We went to DFO in Sydney, because it’s an outlet store and always has lots of things from last season – which is perfect when you’re swapping hemispheres.  All the clothes in regular shops at the moment are for winter, and well, we’ll being going into summer in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.  We’re pretty sure it’s going to be hot – and humid… and full of mosquitos, so I’ll run you through the logic of what we bought.

My new tops and shorts

Mum and I both bought some super-comfy, light shorts that I feel like I could do any sort of adventure in.  I also stuck to dark colours because I don’t want people know if I haven’t washed them for a while.  I also go a really light comfy singlet.  My most prized buy (not actually from DFO, but from Target) is a long-sleeve, button up top the is incredibly light.  I bought it to keep off the mozzies and the sun without making me too hot.  I am very optimistic about it… but we’ll see how it goes.

My new shoes

I also bought a new pair of Sketchers.  I bought a pair of Sketchers before I went to Europe three years ago and wore them almost every day since.  Unfortunately, when I was living in Canada I decided to leave them behind because they were now mainly held together with glue (I had worn them through mud, snow, rafting and in salt-water).  Ever since, I find my feet reaching for their multi-purpose Sketchers and finding nothing.  So I went into the DFO Sketchers shop and got a pair for half price.  I usually like black shoes because the show less mud, but these babies felt good on my feet, and that’s really what a shoe needs to do.  I also got a snazzy adventurer hat (for only $7.50 because it was 70% off!) and have let it rest, hanging on my lovely hat-stand until I’m ready to take it on its first adventure!

My new explorer hand on my lovely hat-stand

I now have a pile of things to go in my bag… but really need a bag to put them in! This will be the next thing on my list, but only 18 days to go I am getting very exciting and the pressure to get ready is definitely increasing!

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