Landed in KLIA

Mum and I just landed in Kuala Lumpar International Airport after an 8.5 hour flight from Sydney. the flight was good and I actually managed to sleep for a couple of hours… which is good because the flight time did include normal sleeping time! As soon as we walked off the plane we found free internet kiosks, and walked a little further to find free ipads on a big stand thing, which is what I’m on now.  I think I should go though, as in the short time I’ve been typing this blog, mum has managed to put her phone number in whilst trying to log into gmail and subsequently ended up in someone elses email account, or been scammed. Wish us luck!

Update: crisis averted. Mum just had to identify herself in some way as we are in Malaysia, the same way I had to identify photos of friends in Facebook to prove o was me. Mum even figuredhow to lLPG out, better than tjebfuu whose account she accidentally got into… and according to his emails he was applying for a PhD scholarship! We logged him out too. Now to hang around for another 3 hours at 5am with no money…


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