So much snow

My first winter in Canberra has been characterised by one wonderful thing: snow. No it doesn’t snow in Canberra (well actually two weeks ago I did excitedly watch through the window at work as snow flakes fell and melted on the ground, but that’s not a common occurrence).

It does snow a lot just two and a half hours away in the oh-so-beautiful Snowy Mountains.

I’ll go back a little. I am a very keen skier. My parents had the generosity to put me on skis at the tender age of two and I would have kept the skis on since then if the obstacles of distance, money and time didn’t keep them off for most of the year.

When Mark (lovely fiancé and snowboarder) and I decided we were moving to Canberra, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get down to the snow as much as possible. We learnt of the value-for-money Perisher Freedom Pass and forked out the cash to get one each. It was about $750, and so if we skied seven days in the season, the pass would be worth it.

Well we’re nine weeks in to this fantastic season and we’ve skied 12 days. We haven’t missed a weekend and are perfecting the day trip from Canberra.

There is much to say about this season and our participation in it and I intend to top up this blog with posts like fresh flakes on a patchy cover.

In a nutshell: the season initially looked grim. In June, an article in The Conversation had me seriously worried that there would be no snow, which was upsetting because 1. I wanted to go skiing, 2. Mark and I had wasted $1500 between us and 3. Global warming is a serious problem! We went up anyway and dodged rocks and grass on the small amount of the mountain (namely, front valley) that was open.

View from the quad chair on 14 June
View from the quad chair on 14 June

On the mountain we heard a buzz that at big storm was coming, and it did. Monday brought “snowpocalypse“, which I wanted excitedly via social media. Although problem 3 (global warming) is still a huge issue, problems 1 and 2 were abolished my the mountains of snow. When we arrived at Perisher the next weekend, the mountain had been transformed.

View from the Perisher terminal on 21 June
View from the Perisher terminal on 21 June



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