When a full day skiing isn’t enough

Night skiing is the answer.

Night skiing



Perisher offers night skiing on Tuesday and Saturday nights, and the few opportunities I have had to do it, it has been bad weather or I have been exhausted.

Last Saturday when I stayed on snow at Perisher, I had started skiing at 9am and had the last run on Mount P at 4:20pm. Needless to say, I was exhausted, but it had been such a great day that I didn’t want to stop. I left my smelly ski clothes on at the lodge and at 5:50pm I clicked my skis back on and sailed down to front valley.

I usually avoid Front Valley for the inherent danger of skiing through a swarm of beginners. I can avoid hitting them, but they make no promises not to hit me. Devoid of people and freshly groomed, front valley is actually a pretty fun slope.

I was first in line for the Village Eight Express when it opened at 6pm and made fresh tracks on my section of the corduroy mountain. I never realised how soft groomed snow could be before it has a chance to get crunchy in the early morning.

All in all, night skiing is great and I will certainly do it again next time the opportunity arises. It’s worth clicking the skis back on.


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