Jackets off and sunnies on

This third weekend in spring was another great time spent at the snow.

On the triple with Dad and Mark
On the triple with Dad and Mark

Having bought the Perisher Freedom Pass again for 2015, Mark and I got 2 free days skiing to give to a friend this year. We thought this was a great thing – and obviously so did a lot of other keen snow-goers judging by the long snake of a line at the Perisher ticket sales.

Free tickets loaded up on Dad’s pass, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast (with a serious good vegie burger) at the bottom of Eyre. we’d been up since 5am, so Dad polished off breakfast with a gluwein – very nice choice.

Breakfast with Dad at Eyre

The day was a scorching (for the snow) 9 degrees with not a breath of wind. I haven’t skied without a jacket before (as far as I can remember), but the weather on Saturday demanded you strip off some layers. I got down to a long sleeve top and absolutely loved the freedom of it! My jacket is not particularly restricting, but  without it I could move so freely! The sensation of wind on my arms and chest as a flew down the mountains was also amazing (if a little fresh).

Feeling very free this spring at Guthega
Feeling very free this spring at Guthega

Although less, there was still plenty of snow to ski the mountain, with Mount Perisher the place to be (as usual).

Dad skiing Olympic
From the top of Olympic we can see the mountains starting to peek through the snow.
Dad skiing Olympic
Dad skiing Olympic

Dad loved the feeling of layer-less skiing so much that on Sunday he wore only jeans and a skivvy on the slopes. Unfortunately, Sunday brought a slight wind chill, and my very cold and colourless Dad admitted that his clothing choice was one of his very infrequent mistakes.

Boundary on Eyre with Dad
Boundary on Eyre with Dad in jeans and a skivvy

It has been fascinating to watch the mountain change this season. I’ve been reflecting on when I tried to cover as much as my face from the bitey cold as possible, to carrying sunscreen in my CamelBak to avoid a sunglasses/goggle tan (which didn’t work by the way).

2014-09-21 14.20.22

Watching the glossy melting snow slow slide down in the distance is beautiful – it’s a little bit sad because it means this fantastic season is over – but it’s mainly beautiful.


Happy bunny ears at Guthega
Happy bunny ears at Guthega

We enjoyed a beer and gluwein at Guthega Inn for their last day of the season, and noticed just how much the mountains have changed since a few weeks ago – you can see the dam and river now!

Beautiful view from Guthega Inn looking a bit more springy
Beautiful view from Guthega Inn looking a bit more springy

It has been a seriously great season – I hope to go up one more time before it closes, but if not, that’s OK. Mark and I have skied 19 days and only missed 3 weekends. We’ve watched the snow come and the snow melt. We have improved at skiing and boarding more than we thought we could and we’ve managed to share these amazing experiences with family and friends. It has been the BEST winter.

Beer on Guthega Inn's last da this season
Beer on Guthega Inn’s last day this season



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