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Capturing the feeling of skiing

It’s hard to recover from a great weekend on the snow – not because I’m tired or my muscles are sore. I find it hard to deal with walking not gliding; to look at a ceiling rather than endless blue sky; to adjust to the normal pace of life.

Don’t get me wrong, my day-to-day life is pretty good, but it doesn’t measure up to the feeling of skiing down a snow-covered slope on a bluebird day.

That might explain why tonight I have spent more time than I’d care to admit taking a video of me skiing down Olympic and turning it into a montage.

Skiing down Olympic
Skiing down Olympic

Man, that was a good run.

The stills are fun too:



A symphony of snow gums

Snow gums make the Australian ski fields unique. Their rainbow trunks, waxy leaves and twisting limbs colour our slopes with an unmistakable character.

The branches and leaves bend under the weight of new snow, and glisten under ice.

As the sun comes out, these lively trees spring into the air, appreciative of the warmth.

Even in freezing weather, I will stop to admire the beauty of a snow gum on the mountain, and more than once have brought my  bare hand out of its glove to capture a beautiful tree on camera.

Back in Sydney

After 9 wonderful days of relaxing above blue water and filling our bellies with delicious food, we arrived back in Sydney.  On the last night of the cruise, I told Mum to ring me in the morning if there was something really worth getting up for, otherwise I’d be at breakfast at 8.  At 6am I got a call from Mum telling me to come up to her room (she had a balcony), the view was worth looking at.  So out the door and up the stairs I ran to look outside.

Arriving in Sydney

The view was worth getting up for.  We arrived in Sydney at about 6am, just as the sun was rising.  The view of the Opera House and city skyline was just lovely in the morning light.

Our city
Heading toward the Harbour Bridge
Little ferry

I was waiting patiently for this little ferry (well, little from our perspective) to line up the the buildings and Opera House.  When t did, I was very impressed:

Ferry, Opera house, City
Looking at the Harbour Bridge
Just our icons in one little frame

After admiring the iconic architecture of Sydney, we docked.  It was bizarre to be stationary again after 9 days of rocking.  We had our last breakfast at the buffet, a restaurant that had the best view in the world.  Every morning we had a different amazing view, and today it was the best one in Sydney.  So after a holiday of fun, relaxing and food, we left the lovely cruise with full bellies and smiles.  It was back to the business of the real world. but the real world seems a lot more manageable when you’ve been lying in the sun for 9 days.