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Skiing with a boarder

Some skiers would argue that boarders are their natural enemies – they push the snow off the runs, take forever to strap in, ride lifts sideways and often seem to have far more confidence than ability.

You won’t find me leading any charge to expel boarders from the mountain; I ski with a boarder.

Me and Mark (my boarder)

My ideas about boarders are based on my observations of Mark, who has been boarding for about 9 years.

2014-08-31 06.59.35
Our gear chilling out on the roof racks together.

There are some challenges for a skiing-boarding duo:

  1. T-bars are not a boarder’s lift of choice.
  2. Boarders have to strap-in and unstrap, which can be time-consuming.
  3. Snow-boards do not traverse as well as skis.

2014-08-31 08.57.18

Good news everyone: these challenges can all be easily overcome!

  1. Although Mark doesn’t like t-bars, when we do ride them I get a¬†hug – which is particularly great on cold days.

    T-bar ride = one long hug
  2. I get a short break at the top and bottom of lifts as my boarder unstraps

    2014-08-31 08.40.54
    I have time to enjoy the view and snap a photo while Mark straps in.
  3. Skiers are blessed with both independent foot movement (for skating) and poles (for pushing). Skiers, be more generous and lend a boarder your poles for any traverses or particularly flat runs. It’s fun to ski without poles anyway.
2014-08-30 11.26.05
Mark using my poles on the traverse to Blue Cow.

2014-08-30 11.37.49

If the incline is too steep to push – they can walk in those comfortable shoes of theirs.

Of course some boarders are no fun to ski with, like some skiers are, and these people are probably not that much fun to be with off the mountain anyway!


It’s the person strapped to the board that matters.