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Spring brings out sun, smiles and teletubbies

Spring skiing is great.

Bathing in sunshine on Olympic
Mum bathing in sunshine on Olympic


The sun is out, people are smiling (maybe they were before but I couldn’t see through their balaclavas) and the lines are shorter. Sure there’s also some grass to dodge, but with the increased visibility that’s hardly even a challenge!

Needless to say, I enjoy my skis gliding along the soft spring snow – especially alongside my mum’s skis.

Our happy skis
Mum’s and my happy skis on the t-bar

This fine September weekend Mark, Mum, David and I stayed at Kahane lodge and got in as many turns as possible.

Smiling chair selfie
Smiling chair selfie

This weekend was particularly exciting because Mark decided to leave his snowboard on the rack and try some skis on his feet (I don’t think this has anything to do with my last blog…). This meant that for the first time we were four skiers!

Four sets of happiness
Four sets of happiness
Mark on skis for the first time
Mark on skis for the first time

I’m not sure if Mark is just super-talented or if snowboarding skills are transferable to skiing, but he was surprisingly good! On the first day Mark was having a go at parallel turns and by the second day he could competently ski a blue run – colour me impressed! I imagine he was able to progress so quickly because 1. he’s naturally good at things, and 2.  he knows how snow works, how edges turn and what it feels like to be on the mountain in a flow of other skiers and boarders.

Being super-considerate, Mark spent most of his time learning solo and let Mum, David and I get off the green runs and onto the black.

Most difficult! Most fun!
Most difficult? Most fun!
Style-plus on ‘Dogleg’ off Olympic.
David zooming
David zooming down Dogleg

Now, there’s one extra thing about spring skiing that brings a smile to my face – the crazies. By this I mean the people who see the sunshine and simultaneous feel the inspiration to ski without a shirt, in shorts, or best yet, in a teletubbie costume.  Note that I’m not praising the people skiing in onesies. I find these frustrating because they are not a substitute for a real costume and the people in them are often unnecessarily loud, but then again, I bet it is fun to ski around as a onesie-lion or giraffe.

We had a great laugh when, at the top of Guthega’s Freedom Chair, a group of teletubbies skied off and surrounded an unsuspecting David. This is particularly funny because  that little brother of mine had a childhood fear of fully costumed people (he didn’t like that you couldn’t see their eyes – fair enough). Although he’s 19 and much braver now, I bet a wall of teletubbies skiing toward him brought back some fear!

Skiing teletubbies
Skiing teletubbies

In case my love of spring skiing isn’t clear – here’s why:

Through June and July the snow is coming, in August people flood to the lifts and September brings the sun, the smiles and the teletubbies.

Great view atop Eyre
Great view atop Eyre
Perfect rest rock
Perfect rest rock on a perfect spring day